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MaestrasEA es un programa diseñado especialmente para profesores de español en todo el mundo. Desde nuestra plataforma accederás a nuestros propios contenidos, programas, juegos, material de lectura, y materiales complementarios para usar con tus propios alumnos.

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After 15 years of teaching Spanish in the classroom we know that it is time to take the Spanish out of the class and show students a world of possibilities with online resources.

Family Opportunities

By adding a Virtual School to our regular classes we are giving families the opportunity to adjust the Spanish class to their busy schedules in a day and time that fits to their convenience.

Excelence Trajectory

Educando a América already offers an effective and succesfull curriculum inside the classrooms. We are only expanding the classrooms to the world.

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Educando a América offers an after-school Enrichment Program within Broward and Miami Dade Counties.

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