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How the program works?

It´s simple! All classes are held via Zoom with a live tutor. There are different type of classes: private, groups or camps. If you choose a private class, First you select a date and time, and a specific tutor. Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with information about your first meeting. You will meet at the exact date and time. All classes are recorded.

Groups are divided by ages and levels. You need to select the one appropiate for your child. You can always contact us if you have any questions or take a welcome class for an assessment. 

How we select our instructors?

All teachers are part of Educando a America regular after-school program and actually teaching Spanish in the classrooms. They are all qualified and experienced educators with a strong passion for the language.

Payments Methods / Withdraws

You can pay via PayPal or Credit card. Check payments are also accepted. Once you select a class you will be charged monthly. If you plan to cancel a private or a recurring group class you need to notify us at least one week before te ending of the month to stop the recurring payments.  Notification of withdrawals are done via email to ea@educandoamerica.com at least one week before the starting of the new month/charges.

What is a welcome class?

We call “welcome class” to the first meeting with the student. You meet with our Program Director who will evaluate your skills in Spanish and advice which program will be better for you. There is no obligation after this first class. It has a discounted fee of 10% off on your first purchase. This coupon is available 1 hour after your welcome class. You can only take one welcome class in a session.

Is it possible to cancel a scheduled class?

We have a 24hs cancellation policy for all classes. There will be no refunds if class is cancelled less than 24 hours in advanced. You can make up the cancelled class anytime during the month of your purchase. Just contact your teacher and make arrangement according to her availability.

Program and curriculum

We follow a school year round  for our classes. However, curriculum can be tailored according to specific student´s needs or interests. All programs cover basic, intermediate and advanced level in Spanish from A1 to C3 according to MCERL. We aim to develop language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.