In Educando a América, we are proud to offer students the possibility of learning a second language in a creative and fun environment that aims to develop oral and written skills.
Our team of qualified teachers will help students achieve their best on the Spanish language and culture.

Communicative Approach

What is Educando a America?

It is a school dedicated to teach the Spanish language and the Latin American culture to kids from Latin-American origin living in foreign countries. The students will be able to speak, write and read in correct Spanish, while they learn the traditions and customs of Latin America.
However, Educando a América is open to children from all nationalities and languages, because its Spanish program can perfectly work as a total immersion language program.

Who is the administrator?

Mercedes Moresco is the founder and director of Educando a America. She earned her degree at the Catholic University of Argentina and has been teaching the Spanish language and literature since 1992 in both Argentina and the United States. She has also completed a Master in Linguistic of Spanish as a Second Language by Universidad de Jaén, Spain.

Who are the educators?

All of our teachers are qualified professionals with extensive experience in education. They are all native speaking and have been teaching Spanish in their own countries.

What do we teach?

Our focus is the acquisition of the oral and written Spanish language. Social studies relative to the Latin American countries are also included. Core family and social values are also addressed.