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Mercedes Moresco
Mercedes Soledad Moresco Founder & Director

Mrs. Moresco obtained a BA in World Literature in 1990 followed by a Master in LInguistic in teaching Spanish as a second language.

She founded Educando a America in 2004 and since then she has been dedicated to teach students in all levels and ages and also train Spanish teachers.

She is a published author. Her book “La distancia próxima” (2014) is an essay about Julio Cortázar’s poetry works.

Silvia Vazquez
Silvia Vazquez Assistant Principal

Mrs Silvia Vazquez obtained her Law degree in 1997 in Cordoba, Argentina.

She moved to USA in 2002 and worked closely with Mercedes Moresco to open Educando a America in 2004.

Silvia is the Assistant Principal of Educando a America.

She is also a trained teacher covering all age ranges from preschool to Adult classes.

Silvia Moreno
Director: Silvina Moreno Preschool

Silvina Moreno obtained her preschool teacher degree in 1990 in Argentina. Since then she has been working with young learners guiding them in their first steps acquiring reading and writing skills in Spanish.

As Director of the Preschool team, she provides teachers with a specific program for children 3 to 5 years old.

Her creativity and dedication to the school is shown in our successful preschool program that introduces the language to young children through songs, games and playful activities.

Preschool Teachers: Silvia Vazquez, Martha García and Angela Alvarez

Director: Mercedes Soledad Moresco Elementary

Mrs Moresco has developed the program for ages 6 to 12 following the standards of MCER (Common European Framework of References for Languages).

All Educando a America programs are tailored to fit the interest, ages and levels of each group.

Applying  a  project-based program, Mrs. Moresco and her teachers have developed an effective way to lead students in their way to enjoy the learning of a second language.

Elementary Teachers: Silvina Moreno, Astrid Maya, Silvia Vazquez, Angela Alvarez

Summer Camp School
Director: Astrid Maya Summer Camp

Mrs Maya obtained her degree as Elementary School teacher in Colombia in 1990 followed by a Master in Business Administration.

She has been teaching Spanish in Educando a America since 2005 at the Elementary level.

In 2007, Educando a America offered the first summer camp immersion program and since then the camp has proven to be an excellent choice for parents that want their children immerse in Spanish activities during June and July.

Her dedication to the school and the students has been rewarded by hundreds of children that return to the camp every year.

Summer Camp Teachers: Angela Alvarez, Martha García.

Adult program img
Director: Mercedes S. Moresco Adult program

Mrs Moresco has created a program for adults that include:

  • Private lessons
  • Book clubs
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Literature workshops

Since 2004, the adult program has offered multiple ways to learn Spanish, from the regular one to one class to the innovative way to practice conversational Spanish at the book club, following by Literature and Creative Writing workshops for those interested in a more advanced Spanish instruction.

Adult program Teachers: Silvia Vazquez

New Teachers Training Generalidades

El programa que presentamos es anual y se cursa en forma presencial con dos horas de clase semanales. El objetivo general del curso es preparar profesores para la enseñanza del español como segunda lengua en niños, jóvenes y adultos.


  • Bases metodológicas
  • Modos de conducir el aula
  • Adquisición de segundas lenguas
  • Desarrollo de destrezas en el aula
  • Gramática del español
  • Evaluación del proceso de aprendizaje de lenguas

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