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Descubre una escuela donde el español se vive


Imagine Charter at Weston

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Summer camp 2019 Weston

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PPCS Pembroke Pines Charter Schools

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Summer camp 2019 Cooper City

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Westlake Preparatory at Cooper City

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Virginia Shuman Young

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Beachside Montessori Village

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Saint Gregory School Plantation

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In Educando a América, we are proud to offer students the possibility of learning a second language in a creative and fun environment that aims to develop oral and written skills.
Our team of qualified teachers will help students achieve their best on the Spanish language and culture.

Communicative Approach

  • Conversation
  • Reading & Writing
  • Proyects
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afeter school
prog 01

After School Program

Spanish classes to Elementary School students as part of  Enrichment Programs within the facilities of Broward County Schools.

ea dice
prog 02

Summer Program

Dive into Spanish is the summer full immersion program of Educando a América for children from 3 to 13 years old during June and July.

ea merge
prog 03

Tutoring Program

Classes for children, youth and adults are offered as private classes into our Merge into Spanish program. We adapt the program to your specific needs or interests.

ea jugarte
prog 04

Conversational Program

JugArte is a program which aims to develop the Oral Spanish Language through games, projects and creative activities that students of all ages will enjoy in a Spanish full immersion environment.

ea crearte
prog 05

Workshops Program

CrearTe is a perfect program for teenagers and youth students at intermediate level of Spanish. It offers different workshops in small groups focusing on each student´s creativity.

program ea
prog 06

Heritage Speakers Program

Program EA is an afterschool Spanish program for native speakers between 3 and 15 years old. Program covers reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar as well as fluency in speaking Spanish.

our TEAM

Mercedes Soledad Moresco is the founder and director of Educando a América.

She obtained a BA in Education and World Literature in 1990 followed by a Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.

All teachers in Educando a América are native speakers, experienced and qualified educators that aim to help their students achieve the gift of a second language.


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