[ish_headline tag_size=»h2″ align=»center» icon_align=»left» tag=»h» tooltip_color=»color1″ tooltip_text_color=»color3″]What is EA License?[/ish_headline]

Is the opportunity to start a Spanish

teaching business in your community.

We provide the materials, the training and

guide you thru this wonderful experience

of teaching Spanish to children, youths

and adults.

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[ish_headline tag_size=»h2″ align=»center» icon_align=»left» tag=»h» tooltip_color=»color1″ tooltip_text_color=»color3″ color=»color5″]Who can become an EA Licensee?[/ish_headline]

• Anyone who loves education and has the desire to develop a business.

What is the profile of an EA Licensee?

• Teachers with organizational and leadership skills.

• Leaders capable of organizing and guiding a team of teachers.

• Must be Spanish speaking.

What EA Programs are available for Licensees?

• All EA programs are available for our Licensees.

• There are no additional fees to use any additional program.

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