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A program specially designed for teenagers between 13 and 18 years old

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CrearTe is a program specially designed for teenagers between 13 and 18 years old and youth students who want to master their conversational and writing Spanish skills.

Program is divided in three sessions. Times and dates are schedule according to the possibilities of each group. Each class has a duration of two hours.

First session: Speaking Workshop: This workshop is the preparation of oral discussions on specific topics chosen by the group itself. Students are separated in two groups and each must defend a position. The debate will include research on the topic, the search for evidence, different points of view, and the writing of an argumentative essay that will help the discussion on the oral debate.


Second session: Creative writing workshop: This workshop  provide students with the necessary tools to read and write fluently in Spanish. Students have to read different types of texts, stories, poems, phrases, etc. The reading from the text will develop a slogan writing. Works will be given for correction. At the next class, corrected work will be read and analyzed by each student and the group.


Third session: Media Workshop. According to the interest of the group, this workshop will focus on radio, television or cinema. Students will have to choose an area of work for a specific project. Examples:

Radio: Assembling and recording a specific program for radio.

Television: Writing a TV script, select the genre (sitcom, news, general interest, telenovela) Recording and editing it.

Film: Writing a short film screenplay. Recording and editing the film.

Course Cost per session: $420 (12 classes, 24 hours course)

  • 10% discount for siblings.
  • 5% discount for groups attending the same session.
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